Monday, November 17, 2008

Tight Budget? Lay-away Now!

We could not deny the fact that the world is currently undergoing some financial crisis because no matter how much we ignore it, the condition manifests in all sorts of media. We get affected by the crisis too, and I for one is definitely included.

Well, it is really hard to save up in these present times. No matter how much income we get out of the many endeavors we do, there really comes a time when we are all exhausted up (financially). But that does not hinder me from celebrating Christmas, my very favorite season of the year! And by celebration, that would mean shopping for my loved ones and eating my favorite dishes (mmm...).

Even with a tight budget, it is not a worry to shop for items to give your loved ones for the Holidays. The Sears Layaway program puts away all one's anxiety on granting someone else' wishes. They have great stuffs available and here are my picks:

This Levi's 501 Original Jeans would definitely make hubby open-mouthed with awe. He loves Levi's so much and this would be a great addition on his collections.

And this 5-drawer Homeowner Roll-Away from Craftsman would surely be a wonderful piece to be displayed on our semi-furnished home. Lots of the kids' important stuffs could be placed in it.

This Deni Automatic Ice Cream Maker is a guaranteed hit among my kids. They all love ice cream, especially my second son and so having this would give them a fun-filled and joyous holidays.

There goes my top three picks, and my list would go a long way with plenty of items Sears is offering for layaway. Interested in shopping at Sears? make your list too and see their details here.



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