Thursday, November 18, 2010

Scents Worth

Talking about personal grooming, it is a definite must to include good fragrances in the list. We cannot take away colognes and perfumes from any fashion talk and we should understand by now that they are tangled in a sense.

Anyway, I found these discount demeter scents which are cute and unique. Since they are very affordable, they are certainly a cent's worth given their high quality. I might as well give them a try. There are over 90 varieties to choose from, a great means indeed to project a different you everyday. These are what I feel I need to try on:

Sushi, Espresso, Sex on the Beach

Ginseng, Laundromat, Pink Lemonade

Aren't they just charming? I bet they are even attractive to the kids too.

Crayon, Play-Doh

With the fashion flair that you have, how far can you uniquely go?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Financial Debt Isn't Fashionable

The movie 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' is a favorite movie of mine. Aside from its lead actress Isla Fisher, who I adored big time, I also liked the story which is insightful in a way but light and romantic. The story revolves around a very stylish lady who loves shopping so much even beyond her limits and when the time has come to pay for her bills and debts, she has no means to do so.

Shopping is very therapeutic. It is a feel-good endeavor to do which most of you would certainly agree. The moment you set your eyes on an item which has been on your wish list for so long - on sale, what would you instinctively do? Shopping can be an addiction for people who can't control their impulses. That is just alright as long as that person spend within his or her means, otherwise he or she will already need debt advice.

It must be frustrating to think that shopping is for the wealthy people only but I think not. There are a lot of affordable items on sale and it is really up to the shopper to set the price range. It is important to know your spending limits so that financial debt will not occur. But if you just rely on your impulses, then you badly need some debt help.

And when you are already flocked with debt, can you really say that you are still fashionable? I guess not, just look at the lady with the green scarf.

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