Friday, August 28, 2009

Red Chair Confessions

I saw this video from Red Chair Confessions and was amused by this beautiful and chic lady who confessed to a priest about something she deemed wrong. I waited for the whole video to finish and until the end I haven't heard the lady spill out her sinful act.

Anyway, here is the video to see for yourself what it is all about and help me figure out the end of this story.

The video has some naughty approach to it, but I'm impressed it certainly is catchy and could easily capture anyone's attention. My first thought was that the woman wants to confess about a sexual escapade with somebody, noting how excited her tale sounded and how the priest listened to her every word. But I laid back that thought and realized the confession may not be sexual at all and is something that deals with her addiction to things, to fashion particularly.

Looking at the woman, I saw Rebecca Bloomwood on her. She is a shopaholic and is having her hardest times overcoming the urge and addiction to shop.

So what do you think? Do you agree with my two cents worth of thought, or you think otherwise?


DB Fabric Bags

Bags are becoming more artsy than ever. New designs of bags nowadays feature more colors, more prints and more craft. Although I always go for the plain ones, colorful bags have become popular and eventually got pleasing in my eyes too.

I came across these bags from Dooney and Burke, and they are made of fabric, called seersucker and patched plaid respectively.

I like these designs in such a way that they present a trendy and modern appeal. It is something old and young women alike could use for any purpose and occasion.

New From Dneero

There's something new at Dneero and this time, they are rolling out a new flash embed widget. They are still in the introductory phase... hope you could check and find out.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Leather Glam

I have not tried any clothing made of leather yet but this one material is something I would not hesitate to put on. They may not be a popular choice among tropical areas but they are definitely fashionable and chic. Check out some wonderful leather collections from very reputable clothing lines:

From Ralph Lauren -

From Dolce and Gabbana -

From Tommy Hilfiger -

Leathers may project a tough appeal to the one wearing them. But nowadays, fashion can be expressed in many forms. Wearing clothes made of leather can be paired with the most romantic dress or top you have on the closet, or even girlish pants and shorts.

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