Thursday, November 13, 2008

Red Christmas from Banana Republic

One dominant color that represents Christmas is RED. It is Santa's dress' color and it is the color of most ribbons, candles and canes. Aside from being striking, red is such a strong color and it brings out the personality in you.

Banana Republic has new arrivals that are the perfect match for the winter season. They have lots of stuffs available and I am just picking out the red ones since it is Christmas, lol! But they are not just for the sake of picking, they are nice and trendy items so everyone who wears them will definitely be stylish.

Wool trenchcoat, color-block neck warmer, button turtleneck sweater, drake large quilted clutch, and cashmere asymmetrical gown.

So, wanna be a red winter lady?


Monserrat said...

Wow..! These red dresses are looking so beautiful. Banana Republic is my most favorite.

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