Monday, November 24, 2008

Shoes Blues

Wow, this is my 101st post! Well, it reminds me of those lovable dalmatians, haha!

Anyhow, going on with my post' title. . .

I impulsively bought two pairs of shoes last week. Both are peep toes and with heels, but they differ in color and condition. The first one was already pre-owned, and I got it from the ukay-ukay (flea market) for Php80.00 ($1.60). I loved the color - - a shiny navy blue - - and the heels are just so cute at an inch and a half. I thought it would be great for office and casual wear. I have the pleasure of sharing the pictures here.

The second one was bought at a local boutique here in our place. It originally costs Php400.00 ($8.10) but since they have it on sale, so I was able to take it home at Php150.00 ($3.00). Great deal indeed, huh! It was a cream colored Korean shoes, with two-inch heels. I liked it so much because it looks good on my feet and could be worn at any occasion. Here's a preview:

What made me blue with these purchases was the fact that they do not perfectly fit my foot size. Naturally, I am a size 8 and these shoes were only size 7! Whoa! That is the problem with impulsive buying . . .

Now, what shall I do with them?


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