Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dresses For Special Occasions

We love to celebrate the special occasions in our lives, and when we say celebration, that calls for another set of wardrobes to wear ~ ~ if the budget permits, that is.

One occasion coming right up is my brother's wedding, which is just a week and a day away and I am extremely excited about it. What is nice about weddings is that they fill the atmosphere with intimate sprinkles of romance. It is such a delight to witness two persons in love exchanging vows of love and faithfulness for each other. Moreover, the celebration calls for a reception that is filled with wonderful ambiance, beautiful flowers, and of course beautiful dresses! It would be very nice to see everyone in formal attire ~ ~ including my three kids who are all part of the entourage, and of course the wedding dresses the bride and her maids would be wearing. I haven't seen the bridal dress yet but i think it is more of something like this:

It's really beautiful and elegant, isn't it? The dress above is from Mori Lee and I just love it very much. It may seem a very simple dress but the design from the waist down is intricate and lovely. One would feel like a duchess when wearing one.

Another occasion I am sure lots of girls are looking forward to is prom. The internet has loads of prom dresses to browse through, like the It may still be like three months away but hey, being prepared won't hurt at all. Girls can ask for prom dresses as Christmas gifts from their parents and godparents, so as early as now they can do the browsing already.

Looking at these dresses brings me back in time when I was still in high school. These prom dresses 2010 epitome the freshness of youth, yet they establish that the wearers are no longer little girls anymore. The sculptured bodice emphasizes the ripe figure of a girl while its ball gown skirt maintains her innocence and frailty. Girls would definitely look cute with these dresses while giggling their hearts out over their crushes and prom dates.

Meanwhile, these yellow and red dresses are also very chic and endearing. They have a twist top with a cold shoulder strap that is removable. Girls would look stunning with these ombre gown and sure enough, be a head-turner come prom night.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Plus Sizes Are Sexy

Plump women like me find it hard to look for big-sized clothes that are sexy and classy. But through the innovative ideas brought about by fashionable people, plus size dresses are now becoming chic, trendy and stylish as well.

The Holidays is fast approaching and parties are definitely everywhere. This is a time to put on new wardrobes from Plus Size Fix, an online store specialized for round-figured women such as myself.

Here are some of their new arrivals:

If budget is tight nowadays, they are also offering a sale with these great outfits:

Who says fat women can't be sexy?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two Tone Charm Watch

I confess that I am a Facebook addict. Aside from getting in touch with old friends, distant relatives and online pals, I also get to shop and play very enjoyable games. So far I have four FB friends which are online stores in substance and I have purchased a number of items from them already.

I was browsing through one friend's on stock items and instantly fell in love with a two tone charm watch the moment I caught glimpse of it! The watch is from Anne Klein and costs Php3,800.00 ($81). It's a pretty reasonable price but budget is tight right now so I had no choice but to order at a later time.

Anyway, here's a preview of the said charm watch . . .

It's so beautiful eh? I could have used this for my brother's wedding if I have the funds now. Sigh . . .

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Glasses For The Holidays

The holidays is fast approaching already and it's once again the time for making our wish list. For people who wish for better eye vision this Christmas, Zenni Optical are proud to announce their wide array of new arrivals.

As I was browsing through their collection of Holiday Fun Eyeglasses, I can't help but admire how these glasses could be so chic and fashionable. They certainly complement as accessories, given their stylish appearance. Take a look at their items below to see for yourself . . .

Wearing these $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses is like hitting two birds in one stone. By wearing them, you get to correct your eye vision while being in style.

They surely are worth to be included in the Christmas shopping list.

Monday, November 2, 2009

October Top Droppers

October is finally over and now, it is time to thank all of you who have taken the effort to visit this blog. I am glad this blog's page rank increased to PR2 from its former PR n/a, lol!

Here are the top entrecard droppers for the month of October. My gratefulness is beyond reach and I am looking forward to your recurring visits.

Thank you and come again!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

AC Compressor For Your Honda

Nowadays, transportation equipments in any form have become a necessity for people amidst the increasing prices of gasoline. It was just a luxury before, making those people with cars all the more stylish and fashionable.

To stay chic, it would be very best to have a car, right? How can you look your best always when you switch from one public utility vehicle to another? And even if you have the car, it would be uncool with no air conditioning inside ~~ can you imagine sweat dripping down your face and neck as you get your way towards your destination?

Good news for Honda users, high quality honda ac compressor can be purchased online at moderate costs, with free shipping. That would be such a wonderful deal for our car.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Shopping for Shoes

I have always been very vocal about my fascination for shoes and mentioned it here time and time again. I still could not explain my greatest love for shoes and bags, but whatever is behind it, I am definitely going to see more of these items in the future . . . whether online or offline.

We need different kinds of shoes for different get-ups. A formal wear requires high heels perhaps, while a sports event calls a need for us to wear rubber shoes. It may not be imperative to have many pairs of shoes in our racks, but it would be the coolest thing ever if we have different shoes for different occasions.

One thing I am looking for right now is a pair that is of green hue. My brother's wedding is coming up in about two months and since their color theme is green, I am eyeing for green shoes. I was looking around in stores here in our place and my search seemed futile since I haven't found the right one yet. My definition of the right one is that it must be my perfect choice of style, perfect fit and perfect shade.

With that, I went browsing online for the right one then and I found a few pairs that took me to instant awe, by searching through the 'latest shoes' and 'evening shoes' categories.

Tired of going around on malls and stores and still haven't found what you wanted? Search for them online now!

Dressing Up The IORA Way

The rise of Asian fashion has been largely obvious nowadays. It may be attributable to the rising fame of Asian artists and celebrities and their followers are also avidly checking on their every style of clothing.

But whether because of these fashionable celebrities or not, it is very noteworthy that Asian style as far as fashion is concerned is becoming competitive globally. Many Asian artists have made quite a name already in the US or in Europe.

My admiration for Asian clothing is slowly growing in pace and so from time to time I would be going to feature some wonderful clothes and accessories made by Asian hands. I have done some in my very previous posts already.

IORA of Singapore, for one, has caught my fancy and they have chic collections to show off. Here are some previews of what I am talking about:

These clothes are refreshingly modern and imaginative. . . care to agree?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Red Chair Confessions

I saw this video from Red Chair Confessions and was amused by this beautiful and chic lady who confessed to a priest about something she deemed wrong. I waited for the whole video to finish and until the end I haven't heard the lady spill out her sinful act.

Anyway, here is the video to see for yourself what it is all about and help me figure out the end of this story.

The video has some naughty approach to it, but I'm impressed it certainly is catchy and could easily capture anyone's attention. My first thought was that the woman wants to confess about a sexual escapade with somebody, noting how excited her tale sounded and how the priest listened to her every word. But I laid back that thought and realized the confession may not be sexual at all and is something that deals with her addiction to things, to fashion particularly.

Looking at the woman, I saw Rebecca Bloomwood on her. She is a shopaholic and is having her hardest times overcoming the urge and addiction to shop.

So what do you think? Do you agree with my two cents worth of thought, or you think otherwise?


DB Fabric Bags

Bags are becoming more artsy than ever. New designs of bags nowadays feature more colors, more prints and more craft. Although I always go for the plain ones, colorful bags have become popular and eventually got pleasing in my eyes too.

I came across these bags from Dooney and Burke, and they are made of fabric, called seersucker and patched plaid respectively.

I like these designs in such a way that they present a trendy and modern appeal. It is something old and young women alike could use for any purpose and occasion.

New From Dneero

There's something new at Dneero and this time, they are rolling out a new flash embed widget. They are still in the introductory phase... hope you could check and find out.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Leather Glam

I have not tried any clothing made of leather yet but this one material is something I would not hesitate to put on. They may not be a popular choice among tropical areas but they are definitely fashionable and chic. Check out some wonderful leather collections from very reputable clothing lines:

From Ralph Lauren -

From Dolce and Gabbana -

From Tommy Hilfiger -

Leathers may project a tough appeal to the one wearing them. But nowadays, fashion can be expressed in many forms. Wearing clothes made of leather can be paired with the most romantic dress or top you have on the closet, or even girlish pants and shorts.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best Wedding Gowns

So how would you like to walk down the aisle wearing this very grand and elegant dress? Or this?

Imagine yourself beaming with pride and grace as your beloved one waited for you at the foot of the altar. That would seem like a fairy tale come true eh? Well, that once in a while dream will be realized since these amazing gowns are available at a website with the best bridal prices. Dresses for bridesmaids and flower girls are readily available too for easy browsing.

Weddings are one best memorable events of our lives, why not wear the best dresses too?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Zara vs Mango

So, which do you prefer?

Both are wonderful brands of clothing. Their quality and style have already been proven great among the fashionistas all over the world. When it comes to price, they are in the same range somehow.

Zara Mango

Zara Mango

Aren't they just amazing? They made choosing all the more difficult. If only we could have them all, it would really be great. Should I avail any payday loans then?

New Dresses From Lacoste

When it comes to clothing and accessories, Lacoste is one of those brands that I am really wishing to have. Their prices are a bit high, so a mere employee like me receiving only an average salary would definitely have a hard time. But there's no harm in wishing . . . so here's my wish!

These dresses are just so sporty, and yet still fashionable and chic! Wish I have those slim legs, lol!

Well, this remains a wish for now, but who knows? I could get a cash advance and make my wish come true.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fashionable? Stay In Shape!

How conscious are you with your health? Well, we all know that being fashionable requires a handful of healthy body and mind. Take up this survey as you get to take good care of your health!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Jennifer Aniston is one of my favorite actresses of all times. I really liked her on Friends, and since then i have followed her movies. Anyway, I found this wonderful wallpaper featuring her and I think this would be great for my PC.

There are lots of wallpapers about her that I found at Share Wallpapers dot org. Well, I could have different Jen wallpapers then every week! And oh, there are also from otehr celebrities as well . . . just like the one below:

Opppsss. . . I still have not gotten over! Oh well.

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