Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Be Stress-Free For Endless Beauty

We are often asked a lot of times already about our preferences between beauty and attitude. I guess majority of the answers will go for attitude, since beauty definitely follows with it. Well, they say that beauty is just skin deep, but I must say that it is also from within.

One main instance of beauty exuding in a person is being stress-free. Stress takes so much of a person's age; so it would be best to unload all the negatives in one's system for that much deserved youthful beauty.

Anyway, getting old fast could be avoided by using anti-aging products, specifically from Oxis takes pride with their ERGO, which is a powerful antioxidant. So if you are familiar with glutathione, then it would be easy getting familiarized with ERGO. They are great in preventing free radicals from harming our tissues.

Feeling interested? You can visit Oxis on facebook to know more about their products. Meanwhile, you can also get some info about Oxis on Twitter too.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dress Your One Shoulder

I really love watching ladies who wear one-shoulder dresses. I find the style so sexy and graceful. and a frustration at the same time. I could just sigh every time I see one because I know I will not look good in it given my plump arms which I think would take a lifetime to slim down.

Anyway, if the moment comes that I would be gifted with the sexy figure, I would definitely try on these clothes.

A girl can dream and I am not an exception. Someday I could expose my shoulders too and flaunt them with grace.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eye Fashion Accessories

We use different kinds of accessories in order to enhance our pleasing personalities. Whether these accessories are fancy or designer ones, women (well, most of us) are drawn to them. We could not ignore the fact that they indeed add up to our appeal which could lead to a boost in our confidence.

Anyway, one thing I noticed about accessories are the eyeglasses. It seems the designs of some glasses are becoming more and more modern and stylish, a perfect catch from the eyes of fashonistas. Please take a look at some of them below:

I think these eyeglasses are not only designed to enhance one's eye vision but also to enhance the user's appearance. These designs make wearing eyeglasses no longer a worrisome burden but a fashion statement. And with their very affordable prices, even those without eye problems would no doubt grab one too in order to look chic and trendy, lol!

I am amazed how eyeglasses are being used nowadays as a fashion accessory. I have a number of friends who I know have not complained about poor eyesight even once, but are wearing glasses! I was browsing through friends' pictures at Facebook and my lips couldn't help to form a smile as I realize that they look good with glasses.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Air Intakes For Your Car

It could never be denied that cars are already a necessity nowadays. Our daily endeavors demand a lot of mobility that it is important to have something that would conveniently take us to where we should or want to go. When we say convenience, cars would be the first thing that comes to mind.

Cars are like babies that need to be taken cared of. It is essential that regular check up is made in order to monitor the car's over-all condition. To enhance the convenience which was mentioned earlier in this post, it would be best to give the car the most reliable air intake systems it could possibly have.

Air intakes could be great post Father's Day gifts to important men in our lives. I am thinking of giving this one to hubby too, for our Kia car. With the humid air surrounding us amidst the rainy season, clean and cool air while on the road is a plus. I learned that Cold Air Intakes smooth out the car's operations by applying a less restricting air filter, which will lead to more oxygen, more clean air and great car performance.

I haven't done shopping for car air intakes yet but I am looking forward to do it soon.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Catching Up

I am happy to note that this blog is still at PR2 despite my absence from the blogosphere. It has been half a year already since I last made a post in here.

Hey, I love talking about fashion and style so I will not be leaving this blog for good. I may be away for a while to attend to some personal matters but I would always go back to blogging about my personal fascinations and ideas. Expressing my insights in writing is one thing that I love doing the most. Well, since I have been in hiatus for a semester, I have to update this blog so as to catch up with the stats. This will require some hard work and good seo then and I am hoping the best of luck would be on my side.

A lot of fashionable things worth blogging for have already been out in the market. Unfortunately, I was not able to write about them due to personal events that took me away from the blogosphere. Anyway, I love reading fashion and shopping blogs and I am grateful for the insights and ideas shared by fellow bloggers. Through those ideas, I wouldn't be left behind (*wink*).

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Umbrellas In Fashion

June is starting to make its waves rolling by bringing on the rainy season. Summer is finally over and now we will be facing the wet atmosphere. Rainy days are expected from now on, and with the unpredictable weather that we have nowadays, it should be a must to prepare ourselves all the time. Rain or shine, we should have with us the basic things that protects us from getting rainy wet or even from the harmful rays of the sun (when the sun is up, for that matter).

One thing that we should have are umbrellas. As simple as they may seem, they served to be useful indeed. Bringing umbrellas may be a burden for some, but fashionable umbrellas are now available so as to look cool and in.

Pagoda style

fashion umbrellas

Personally, I don't usually bring an umbrella with me. But seeing these chic and trendy umbrellas above from inspired me otherwise. Hoping I could find those designs here in the area and be able to flaunt them with grace.

Well, which one fancies you?

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