Monday, November 3, 2008

Kenneth Cole Sale

I have a Kenneth Cole handbag, and that makes them one of my many favorite brands in the fashion world. Well, after browsing through their website, saw these fabulous items on sale and how I wish I could have them (if only I have the means).

To start off my fabulous collection of sale wish list from Kenneth Cole, let me share with you their trendy flats and heels, to which I was dying to set my foot on.

Not only that, they have great collection of accessories on sale too. Check out their super nice belts and sunglasses!

And since I love hand bags, of course their collections couldn't escape my scrutiny and so here they are:

Great tops are also available on sale and so might as well check them out!


renaye said...

i love the red top. it would be useful when i'm in a cinema. :D

treasure chest said...

haha! yeah, that would be great to prevent you from the cold...

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