Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Lingerie

The Christmas season is not an exception to catch your partner's fancy, so therefore we should not let ourselves get in the rear as far as being sexy is concerned. So for this approaching merry season, why not try to put on a sexy Christmas lingerie then?

I have to admit I haven't been keen on that aspect yet, but with this idea in mind, I browsed through the net for some attention-grabbing lingerie. I found this sexy babydoll and thong set with a Christmas flavor into it. I just doubt if I could very well look like the model though.

This lingerie is affordable and I really liked its shiny foil cups and strapless design.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Scents Worth

Talking about personal grooming, it is a definite must to include good fragrances in the list. We cannot take away colognes and perfumes from any fashion talk and we should understand by now that they are tangled in a sense.

Anyway, I found these discount demeter scents which are cute and unique. Since they are very affordable, they are certainly a cent's worth given their high quality. I might as well give them a try. There are over 90 varieties to choose from, a great means indeed to project a different you everyday. These are what I feel I need to try on:

Sushi, Espresso, Sex on the Beach

Ginseng, Laundromat, Pink Lemonade

Aren't they just charming? I bet they are even attractive to the kids too.

Crayon, Play-Doh

With the fashion flair that you have, how far can you uniquely go?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Financial Debt Isn't Fashionable

The movie 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' is a favorite movie of mine. Aside from its lead actress Isla Fisher, who I adored big time, I also liked the story which is insightful in a way but light and romantic. The story revolves around a very stylish lady who loves shopping so much even beyond her limits and when the time has come to pay for her bills and debts, she has no means to do so.

Shopping is very therapeutic. It is a feel-good endeavor to do which most of you would certainly agree. The moment you set your eyes on an item which has been on your wish list for so long - on sale, what would you instinctively do? Shopping can be an addiction for people who can't control their impulses. That is just alright as long as that person spend within his or her means, otherwise he or she will already need debt advice.

It must be frustrating to think that shopping is for the wealthy people only but I think not. There are a lot of affordable items on sale and it is really up to the shopper to set the price range. It is important to know your spending limits so that financial debt will not occur. But if you just rely on your impulses, then you badly need some debt help.

And when you are already flocked with debt, can you really say that you are still fashionable? I guess not, just look at the lady with the green scarf.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Outer Wear and London Fashion

I usually don't wear blazers and coats because I easily get warm due to my overweight build. I only get to use wear them during seminars with very cold venues, and travels. My thought these outer wear is that they are only worn during office or any corporate gathering, but I am proven wrong as they are nowadays worn as a fashion statement.

Outer wears are great when paired with shorts or mini skirts. It somehow creates a stylish contrast within the wearer, the blazers being formal and the shorts or skirts being casual. I find projecting dual personalities through fashion quite interesting, since it eliminates a monotonous mood.

Here are samples of outer wears that would definitely go well with any rugged or casual bottoms:

Banana Republic and Gap

Guess, Burberry and Bebe

These elegant coats can best be worn on any formal and casual occasions, with your favorite type of shoes too. Whether you go for high heels, wedges, flats or slippers, these outer wear will never fail to unleash your chic side. And oh, there are a number of cute shoes at London Fashion, which you can check right now.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Red Dress

Wow, October is up and that means my birth month is finally here! I am pretty excited to have my 33rd year of existence, not because I wanted to grow old already, but because I liked the number 33.

Anyway, my birthday is just 8 days away from now and if things would go quite nicely and as planned, I would love to celebrate it with family and friends. I think this will also be a great time to do a housewarming since we just moved in to our new home three months ago.

I had in mind to put a sort of color theme for my birthday and that color is red. I am thrilled to see my guests wearing anything red on that special day of mine. And of course, I will be wearing the same color too, so I am now in search of a nice (plus size) dress that would surely look good on me.

The results of my search are here:

From BCBG and Victoria's Secret

From D & G and Halston Heritage

From Tory Burch and Valentino

I am amazed at these stylish and elegant clothes that I forgot I have a plus size built. I am hoping I could fit into those and be able to wear one in chic sophistication despite my weight during my birthday.

Which inspiration should I choose?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Wayfarer Sunglasses

I have come to love sunglasses, to which I put all my blame to my husband. He always use sunglasses every time he is out. I tried one of his glasses and since then, I use one when I am out in the sun.

Sunglasses have become a popular fashion accessory nowadays, especially during summer. A lot of designs have already come out, varying in sizes, colors and materials. My husband wanted me to have an aviator sunglasses, given that I have a round face, but I am getting this fancy for a Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses ever since I watched the movie Twilight.

This wayfarer shades is fashionably stylish - - in its tortoise hue. If I am to wear them, I may not look as hot as Edward or Bella does, but I know I could make my own statement with it. It definitely will look good with anything, so there won't be any problem on mix and match. Ray Ban has already made a name as far as sunglasses are concerned and for that, I have the full trust to the brand.

What's your kind of sunglasses?

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I was looking at my husband with amusement last night while he arranged the cloths sent to them by their Head Office for their uniforms. The designs were attached to them with the corresponding accessories needed for the completion of the uniforms. He is pretty excited to have a new uniform and can't wait to deliver them to the dress shop so he could already wear them. I noticed that their Wednesday uniform requires a tie, to which my husband is not fond of.

I have always wanted him to wear a tie. I don't know but it is just that I tend to associate ties with smart individuals. I remembered one time a colleague recounted to me that an office mate of ours goes for men in ties because she finds them serious, brilliant and neat. Oh well, I don't blame her really.

I hope my husband would wear one this time around. Maybe I could give him a kelvin tie for instance to let him know how anxious I am to see him with a tie.

Are you with me on this thinking?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dance Apparels

Do you love dancing? Well, I do!

After deciding for the nth time to trim down my weight, I finally went back to dance exercise. It is so much fun to do this kind of sweating out because aside from the great music blazing from the sound speakers, I get amused to see myself dancing in front of the mirror wall, which is all over the studio.

It is best to do the exercise you love most. Some people maintained their great bodies through engaging on sports that they love. I have been dancing since my pre-school days and until now, three decades after, I still am. I guess this fascination can no longer be taken away from me.

I really loved watching dancers do their routines with wonderful dance attires. And I would love to have one too, so I could use it on dance exercise sessions.

Here are a few ideas I got . . .

Talk about comfort and style!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is three months away. Yeah, three months is still a long way to go but because of our busy schedules, we never know how time flies so fast. In just a flash, we may be surprised that loved-ones are already knocking on our doors for their Christmas presents.

Last night, my sis in law asked me if we have already decorated our home with Christmas decors. Well, we haven't yet because it is still far and that the kids might just ruin the decorations in the process, knowing how hyperactive they are. Her question just made me realize that I better prepare for the coming holidays now, before it's already too late. And so, if given a break, I would make my lists of things relative to Christmas to put attention into, and that includes Christmas presents.

Anyway, I will just note down here what I have to get as presents for the most important event of the year that will eventually happen three months from now. Just in case my memory fails me, at least I have already jotted them down:

For the kids: TOYS

My three kids love toys so much, to which I am quite reluctant to give since they tend to be destructive sometimes. Anyway, I will still give them their favorite toys this Holidays, because it is such a delight to see their faces lit up every time they open their Christmas presents. The smile on their faces are all worth it.

For my parents: GIFT CHEQUES

I always find it hard to look for the perfect presents for my parents. It seems that they already have everything. But anyway, I am sure they will be very grateful for the act alone of giving them the presents. Since I have no idea what exactly what they want, the gift cheques would answer that.

For friends: CUSTOM CARDS

Since friends are quite handful (thank God for them), I know they will simply understand if I give them photo christmas cards. It's the thought that counts anyway; the GIFT is in the giving. If ever I receive one also, I would be likewise glad. This could also be the perfect gift for online friends too.

For husband: PERFUME

Husband has always expressed how much he wanted to have a new perfume since his perfume right now almost run out. With lots of perfumes circulating in the market today, I have a hard time finding the perfect scent for him. I am considering these perfumes above but I still could not figure out yet which one to get. Could you help me out?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MTV Video Music Awards

The fashion high was so evident on the recently concluded Video Music Awards brought to us by MTV. Millions of fans have been anticipating for this event because, aside from their curiosity as to who will bag the awards, there would definitely be a wide display of fashion and style from the invited music artists.

Of course, our efforts of watching the event were not futile since a lot of stars have emerged with style and grace. But before we take a glimpse again on what they wore during the awards night, let me first congratulate the winners, as enumerated below:

Video of the Year: Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
Female Video: Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
Male Video: Not Afraid (Eminem)
Hip-Hop Video: Not Afraid (Eminem)
Rock Video: Kings and Queens (30 Sec To Mars)
Pop Video: Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
Dance Music Video: Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
Collaboration: Telephone (Lady Gaga and Beyonce)
Breakthrough Video: Tighten Up (The Black Keys)
New Artist: Justin Bieber (Baby)

Lady Gaga has reaped most of the awards, including the most prestigious Best Music Video of the Year. We all know that she is quite daring as far as fashion is concerned but many were surprised when she came to the awards night covered with a Alexander McQueen gown. But nonetheless, she still looked great. This victorious petite lady is already a certified fashion icon in her own right and here's why . . .

With the black Armani dress . . .

And the meat dress . . .

Other artists that came with attention-worthy clothes are the following:

Katy Perry



Jane Lynch

It is indeed entertaining to watch out for events like this.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

What's Your Dating Attire?

Of course, each person is unique, therefore we could not generally say how a person dresses up during dates or special occasions. And since we all are not born alike, we have different tastes when it comes to wearing our clothes.

What we wear reflects our own personalities. Usually, we choose clothes depending on our moods and how we feel at the moment. But then, we also pick them depending on external factors like weather and society.

Anyway, just how do you dress for a date? It's not like we are on a singles asian dating, but what do you usually wear when you are out with somebody special, or even with a group of friends? Sometimes, it is just incredible that despite how endless the fashion ideas are revolving around us, there are times when we still stop and think hard on what to wear on a date.

Whether we want to go casual or formal, ideas are limitless as far as fashion is concerned. As long as we know how to get together the right kind of tops or pants, we are off to go then. Some people are just gifted with the flair, but the internet is here to guide us what is in and hot at the right moment.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashionably Military

Who says military outfits are not chic? Raise your hands! Well, if you think so, then let me tell you that it is otherwise.

We often associate military clothes with violence, war, cruelty and dirt, but we were proven wrong as this season's fashion trend goes militant. It was indeed amazing to mix and match clothes and get that military look with style. Here are a few instances that would make us think twice about giving a thumbs down on military fashion.

And celebrities . . .

I really liked the concept of these looks ~ ~ it gives enough impression that the wearer is out to combat fashion woes. Likewise, wearing these military inspired clothing is like putting on your complete fighting gear ready to conquer the world of vogue.

It is not hard to find these kinds of outfits as they are readily available everywhere. It is just a matter of matching the right kind of top for the right skirt or pants, or the right coat for a dress. Here are some suggestions you could put into use:

Jackets from Guess, Bebe and DKNY

Tops from Ralph Lauren, NY Collection and 3 Dots

Skirts from Jack BB Dakota, Lucky Brand and Mango

Pants from Dockers, Kenneth Cole and Calvin Klein

So, have you made your match?

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