Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dresses For Special Occasions

We love to celebrate the special occasions in our lives, and when we say celebration, that calls for another set of wardrobes to wear ~ ~ if the budget permits, that is.

One occasion coming right up is my brother's wedding, which is just a week and a day away and I am extremely excited about it. What is nice about weddings is that they fill the atmosphere with intimate sprinkles of romance. It is such a delight to witness two persons in love exchanging vows of love and faithfulness for each other. Moreover, the celebration calls for a reception that is filled with wonderful ambiance, beautiful flowers, and of course beautiful dresses! It would be very nice to see everyone in formal attire ~ ~ including my three kids who are all part of the entourage, and of course the wedding dresses the bride and her maids would be wearing. I haven't seen the bridal dress yet but i think it is more of something like this:

It's really beautiful and elegant, isn't it? The dress above is from Mori Lee and I just love it very much. It may seem a very simple dress but the design from the waist down is intricate and lovely. One would feel like a duchess when wearing one.

Another occasion I am sure lots of girls are looking forward to is prom. The internet has loads of prom dresses to browse through, like the It may still be like three months away but hey, being prepared won't hurt at all. Girls can ask for prom dresses as Christmas gifts from their parents and godparents, so as early as now they can do the browsing already.

Looking at these dresses brings me back in time when I was still in high school. These prom dresses 2010 epitome the freshness of youth, yet they establish that the wearers are no longer little girls anymore. The sculptured bodice emphasizes the ripe figure of a girl while its ball gown skirt maintains her innocence and frailty. Girls would definitely look cute with these dresses while giggling their hearts out over their crushes and prom dates.

Meanwhile, these yellow and red dresses are also very chic and endearing. They have a twist top with a cold shoulder strap that is removable. Girls would look stunning with these ombre gown and sure enough, be a head-turner come prom night.


Ms. Marie said...

Ooh I would love to get married in that first dress! :]

voiceofbragg said...

Happy Thanksgiving....Drop Entrecards really fast give it a try.

Ms. Marie said...

i love that first dress. its so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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