Thursday, September 30, 2010


I was looking at my husband with amusement last night while he arranged the cloths sent to them by their Head Office for their uniforms. The designs were attached to them with the corresponding accessories needed for the completion of the uniforms. He is pretty excited to have a new uniform and can't wait to deliver them to the dress shop so he could already wear them. I noticed that their Wednesday uniform requires a tie, to which my husband is not fond of.

I have always wanted him to wear a tie. I don't know but it is just that I tend to associate ties with smart individuals. I remembered one time a colleague recounted to me that an office mate of ours goes for men in ties because she finds them serious, brilliant and neat. Oh well, I don't blame her really.

I hope my husband would wear one this time around. Maybe I could give him a kelvin tie for instance to let him know how anxious I am to see him with a tie.

Are you with me on this thinking?


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