Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MTV Video Music Awards

The fashion high was so evident on the recently concluded Video Music Awards brought to us by MTV. Millions of fans have been anticipating for this event because, aside from their curiosity as to who will bag the awards, there would definitely be a wide display of fashion and style from the invited music artists.

Of course, our efforts of watching the event were not futile since a lot of stars have emerged with style and grace. But before we take a glimpse again on what they wore during the awards night, let me first congratulate the winners, as enumerated below:

Video of the Year: Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
Female Video: Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
Male Video: Not Afraid (Eminem)
Hip-Hop Video: Not Afraid (Eminem)
Rock Video: Kings and Queens (30 Sec To Mars)
Pop Video: Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
Dance Music Video: Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
Collaboration: Telephone (Lady Gaga and Beyonce)
Breakthrough Video: Tighten Up (The Black Keys)
New Artist: Justin Bieber (Baby)

Lady Gaga has reaped most of the awards, including the most prestigious Best Music Video of the Year. We all know that she is quite daring as far as fashion is concerned but many were surprised when she came to the awards night covered with a Alexander McQueen gown. But nonetheless, she still looked great. This victorious petite lady is already a certified fashion icon in her own right and here's why . . .

With the black Armani dress . . .

And the meat dress . . .

Other artists that came with attention-worthy clothes are the following:

Katy Perry



Jane Lynch

It is indeed entertaining to watch out for events like this.


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