Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is three months away. Yeah, three months is still a long way to go but because of our busy schedules, we never know how time flies so fast. In just a flash, we may be surprised that loved-ones are already knocking on our doors for their Christmas presents.

Last night, my sis in law asked me if we have already decorated our home with Christmas decors. Well, we haven't yet because it is still far and that the kids might just ruin the decorations in the process, knowing how hyperactive they are. Her question just made me realize that I better prepare for the coming holidays now, before it's already too late. And so, if given a break, I would make my lists of things relative to Christmas to put attention into, and that includes Christmas presents.

Anyway, I will just note down here what I have to get as presents for the most important event of the year that will eventually happen three months from now. Just in case my memory fails me, at least I have already jotted them down:

For the kids: TOYS

My three kids love toys so much, to which I am quite reluctant to give since they tend to be destructive sometimes. Anyway, I will still give them their favorite toys this Holidays, because it is such a delight to see their faces lit up every time they open their Christmas presents. The smile on their faces are all worth it.

For my parents: GIFT CHEQUES

I always find it hard to look for the perfect presents for my parents. It seems that they already have everything. But anyway, I am sure they will be very grateful for the act alone of giving them the presents. Since I have no idea what exactly what they want, the gift cheques would answer that.

For friends: CUSTOM CARDS

Since friends are quite handful (thank God for them), I know they will simply understand if I give them photo christmas cards. It's the thought that counts anyway; the GIFT is in the giving. If ever I receive one also, I would be likewise glad. This could also be the perfect gift for online friends too.

For husband: PERFUME

Husband has always expressed how much he wanted to have a new perfume since his perfume right now almost run out. With lots of perfumes circulating in the market today, I have a hard time finding the perfect scent for him. I am considering these perfumes above but I still could not figure out yet which one to get. Could you help me out?


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