Thursday, February 5, 2009

Go Crazy This Valentines!

Wondering what to wear for your date this Valentines? Well, if you feel like making a jolly atmosphere then why not go a bit crazy and funny! If formal or serious attires don't seem to attract you during this most anticipated event, you can be as casual as wearing crazy dog tshirts then.


Inject some humor in your most romantic day with some funny shirts. And the perfect place to shop for these kinds of shirts is Crazy Dog. They have lots of funny tees that would suit accordingly to your tastes - - vintage, 80s, or movies! The shirts are very affordable too, so you still have some money left for the date, haha!

I really had fun browsing through their funny shirts. These are my personal picks:

I hope my husband won't mind if I wear the first two shirts I picked on our Valentines date, well if we go out, that is. I just find them amusing, and not to be taken personally. I also like the third shirt because it reminded me so much of the craze back in time. I just wonder how people will think of me if I ever wear that? lol!

Go ahead and get your pick too. Get yourself a big grin.



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