Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beauty During Pregnancy

Having undergone three pregnancies in the past (and actually delivered three wonderful kids, at that . . .), I could say that it were really such tough times. The mixed feelings I had during those pregnancies contributed more to the anxieties I had with the changes in my body. I was also very lazy during those times, and doing my beauty rituals were such an effort for me before. With that, I had somehow neglected my personal obligation of looking pleasant (if not good) at all times.

If only I could turn back time, I would have definitely considered applying on Beaute de Maman beauty products, which is purely natural and safe. It has become widely used by Hollywood celebrities, who were on their way to motherhood, like Penelope Ann Miller, Tim Allen's wife Hajduk, Charlie Sheen's wife Brooke Sheen and many more.

Beaute de Maman's top of line products include facial scrubs, nipple gels, face and body creams, and stretch mark creams. Aside from the amazing wonders they offer to their users, these products are very affordable so soon-to-be moms wouldn't be worried at all with their budgets.

Well, I have five office mates who are expecting right now. I think this would be a very wonderful gift I could give them then. I could help them achieve a celebrity look despite their altered figures. Hmm . . . the thought already excited me so I must order now!



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