Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shoes For Your Man

I guess it has become a well known fact that shopping is one great activity that most women love to do. It somehow liberates the feeling of stress and depression within us. But wouldn't you feel guilty that all you've been shopping for are mostly female stuff?

Since I love shopping a lot (window shopping at that - lol!), I also take time to shop around for male things that might interest my hubby, like boots, for instance. Just like me, hubby is so much into shoes and every time he finds time to shop with me, he really won't fail to take some look over the shoes department.

I have found some splendid shoes from Converse, which I will show to hubby one of these days. The best thing about Converse is that they are built with utmost durability and designed for great comfort, aside from its attractive appearance of course. So whether he is at work or at play, the shoes could get along very well.

Just take a look at these boots and who knows, maybe your man would love them too. Better know his foot size beforehand then. This might be a perfect gift for him this coming Valentines Day, don't you think?


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