Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tights. . .

Tights are not new to the fashion world. In fact, they were already introduced long, long time ago - - maybe even when I was not yet born. But as simple as they seem, they never fail to add excitement to any outfit. I always love watching celebrities wear dresses with tights, it made them all the more sexy and appealing.

To add, tights can be worn on any event or occasion, depending on its type. Whether for office, night-out party, corporate events or just plain casual walk, tights is never out of place.

So to convince everyone how tights unleashes the appeal of every lady, here are some varieties of such piece of clothing and take notice. . .

Fishnet (left), Tartan (right)

Wet Look (left), Cable (right)

Opaque Tights

Hope you are now convinced. LOL!

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Beat Black said...

these are some really great picks. I've only recently come around to wearing tights and I'd love to own all of them!!

treasure chest said...

hey sarah, yeah tights are really great ideas for fashion, and it's good to know that you got yourself some, haha!

me I only have one and just like you, would like to have them all. (grin)

renaye said...

i can't wear tights because i don't have nice legs.

Baby Phat Boots said...

these are some really great pics

marly said...

Hello! I like the Cable Style look..

Neena said...

It is still hard to find funky tights, most options seem practical and conservative. I have seen European shops online selling tights that are a lot more fun than what can be found in the US.

treasure chest said...

@ renaye: of course you could still wear one! it's not how your legs looked but on the way you dress up...hehehe... Go girl!

@baby Phat boots: yeah, they really are nice and wish I could have them all, haha!

@marly: great pick you got there!

@neena: really? gotta check those online shops out..thanks!

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