Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Forever 21 Skirts

When I was still young, I really didn't have the flair for skirts. Every time I wear one, I find my every action so guarded, and thus it was making me feel uncomfortable.

Anyway, that was the past, when all I wanted was to do carefree things. Now that I am getting matured, I find skirts very girly and refined. I have seen a lot of women wearing skirts and I kind of liked looking at them really. Well, it all depends upon how they carry themselves.

Having this new interest on skirts prompted me to look over the world wide web and eventually, I landed on Forever 21's website. From there, I found some modish and classy skirts I am sure you would also start to love . . .

Aren't they great for any occasion? These skirts would surely go well with any casual or formal event!

Take your pick, please!


Shelby said...

I love wearing skirts from forever 21! They always have a very fashionable style for girls and I can always find a cute top to match the skirt.

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