Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Disney Fashion For Adults

Disney has been well loved by many, being an icon in the entertainment industry for so long. Because of their numerous brilliant animated movies, many kids have already fixed their eyes on any Disney film like sticky glues. Being a mom of three kids who are Disney fans at that, I guess I am already inflicted with the craze as well. Of course, that would be inevitable since there isn't a day in our house when the television isn't tuned in on the Disney channel.

Well, the Art Of Disney doesn't just end on the silver screen or in the boobtube. They have already spread their wings and eventually covered the whole world with that ~ even the fashion world. Many kids around the globe (including mine) won't get left behind of such fashion trend and accordingly made all Disney characters visible among any vicinity. All my kids either have shirts, pants, jackets or even bags bearing their favorite Disney characters.

Though not surprised, I am now in amazement that even adults could have their own share of the Disney craze. And the following are proof enough:

L-R: alice in wonderland v-neck blouse; mickey and minnie cropped shirt; mickey statement tee

a fave of mine ~ Perry!

a tiger lily blouse . . . hmm..

I have a couple of character shirts in my wardrobe too, much to the delight of my kids. These Disney apparels just make me young . . . at heart!


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