Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stylish New Year

I feel so guilty for not updating this blog for over a month. Amidst the busy schedule that I have with my offline work right now, it is really impossible for me to scout for new fashion styles and trends for feature here in this humble online abode of mine.

The New year has finally come and it definitely is quite a surprise to know that the first month is almost coming to an end. February is now on its way, and I should say that this month is another 'most looked-forward to' month, aside from December. Because of Valentines Day, February will be another busy month for people to organize surprises and other things for their loved ones.

Anyway, I shall be posting often soon, that will be a promise (to myself). There are tons of new styles in the fashion world that are potentially big hits for this year. I can't wait to raid on the internet's wide array of closets and share it here those fabulous finds. So please visit my blog from time to time, I might have the chic styles that suit your tastes.

And for this blog's stats, I shall work on it soon too. Because of some convincing from friends as well as a nice hostmonster review that I have read online, I am now contemplating of having its own domain and host. This will be a big leap for this blog, if ever. I am badly needing more advice.

Have a great New Year everyone! Wishing we all have a prosperous one.


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Design by Dzelque Blogger Templates 2008