Saturday, August 16, 2008

Looks of Katie Holmes

There are a lot of fashion-oriented celebrities who are out to display their own collections. Katie Holmes is one celebrity who never fails to be noticed, whether the look may be pleasant or not. Here are some pics and let your views flow...

Sporting a very cozy outfit, with a great way to wear the denims. Shoes are from Tod's.

Katie wears a New-York chic outfit, with the usual toted Chloe bag. On the very bottom is a Channel flats.

This dress is partly designed by her, as a start of her joint venture with her stylist Yang. A new clothing line to watch out for.


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

I really enjoy visiting your site. I am a bit past the "what's in" trend but I love fashion and I appreciate your contribution.

treasure chest said...

gee thanks!

well, I have always been fond of fashion so I enjoyed browsing through the web on what's hot and stylish.

Laarni said...

On the first photo, i think i read somewhere that Katie wore it for 27 days. yay!

treasure chest said...

really? as in straight 27 days? that's so eeewww.... hahaha!

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