Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stylish New Year

I feel so guilty for not updating this blog for over a month. Amidst the busy schedule that I have with my offline work right now, it is really impossible for me to scout for new fashion styles and trends for feature here in this humble online abode of mine.

The New year has finally come and it definitely is quite a surprise to know that the first month is almost coming to an end. February is now on its way, and I should say that this month is another 'most looked-forward to' month, aside from December. Because of Valentines Day, February will be another busy month for people to organize surprises and other things for their loved ones.

Anyway, I shall be posting often soon, that will be a promise (to myself). There are tons of new styles in the fashion world that are potentially big hits for this year. I can't wait to raid on the internet's wide array of closets and share it here those fabulous finds. So please visit my blog from time to time, I might have the chic styles that suit your tastes.

And for this blog's stats, I shall work on it soon too. Because of some convincing from friends as well as a nice hostmonster review that I have read online, I am now contemplating of having its own domain and host. This will be a big leap for this blog, if ever. I am badly needing more advice.

Have a great New Year everyone! Wishing we all have a prosperous one.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Lingerie

The Christmas season is not an exception to catch your partner's fancy, so therefore we should not let ourselves get in the rear as far as being sexy is concerned. So for this approaching merry season, why not try to put on a sexy Christmas lingerie then?

I have to admit I haven't been keen on that aspect yet, but with this idea in mind, I browsed through the net for some attention-grabbing lingerie. I found this sexy babydoll and thong set with a Christmas flavor into it. I just doubt if I could very well look like the model though.

This lingerie is affordable and I really liked its shiny foil cups and strapless design.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Scents Worth

Talking about personal grooming, it is a definite must to include good fragrances in the list. We cannot take away colognes and perfumes from any fashion talk and we should understand by now that they are tangled in a sense.

Anyway, I found these discount demeter scents which are cute and unique. Since they are very affordable, they are certainly a cent's worth given their high quality. I might as well give them a try. There are over 90 varieties to choose from, a great means indeed to project a different you everyday. These are what I feel I need to try on:

Sushi, Espresso, Sex on the Beach

Ginseng, Laundromat, Pink Lemonade

Aren't they just charming? I bet they are even attractive to the kids too.

Crayon, Play-Doh

With the fashion flair that you have, how far can you uniquely go?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Financial Debt Isn't Fashionable

The movie 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' is a favorite movie of mine. Aside from its lead actress Isla Fisher, who I adored big time, I also liked the story which is insightful in a way but light and romantic. The story revolves around a very stylish lady who loves shopping so much even beyond her limits and when the time has come to pay for her bills and debts, she has no means to do so.

Shopping is very therapeutic. It is a feel-good endeavor to do which most of you would certainly agree. The moment you set your eyes on an item which has been on your wish list for so long - on sale, what would you instinctively do? Shopping can be an addiction for people who can't control their impulses. That is just alright as long as that person spend within his or her means, otherwise he or she will already need debt advice.

It must be frustrating to think that shopping is for the wealthy people only but I think not. There are a lot of affordable items on sale and it is really up to the shopper to set the price range. It is important to know your spending limits so that financial debt will not occur. But if you just rely on your impulses, then you badly need some debt help.

And when you are already flocked with debt, can you really say that you are still fashionable? I guess not, just look at the lady with the green scarf.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Outer Wear and London Fashion

I usually don't wear blazers and coats because I easily get warm due to my overweight build. I only get to use wear them during seminars with very cold venues, and travels. My thought these outer wear is that they are only worn during office or any corporate gathering, but I am proven wrong as they are nowadays worn as a fashion statement.

Outer wears are great when paired with shorts or mini skirts. It somehow creates a stylish contrast within the wearer, the blazers being formal and the shorts or skirts being casual. I find projecting dual personalities through fashion quite interesting, since it eliminates a monotonous mood.

Here are samples of outer wears that would definitely go well with any rugged or casual bottoms:

Banana Republic and Gap

Guess, Burberry and Bebe

These elegant coats can best be worn on any formal and casual occasions, with your favorite type of shoes too. Whether you go for high heels, wedges, flats or slippers, these outer wear will never fail to unleash your chic side. And oh, there are a number of cute shoes at London Fashion, which you can check right now.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Red Dress

Wow, October is up and that means my birth month is finally here! I am pretty excited to have my 33rd year of existence, not because I wanted to grow old already, but because I liked the number 33.

Anyway, my birthday is just 8 days away from now and if things would go quite nicely and as planned, I would love to celebrate it with family and friends. I think this will also be a great time to do a housewarming since we just moved in to our new home three months ago.

I had in mind to put a sort of color theme for my birthday and that color is red. I am thrilled to see my guests wearing anything red on that special day of mine. And of course, I will be wearing the same color too, so I am now in search of a nice (plus size) dress that would surely look good on me.

The results of my search are here:

From BCBG and Victoria's Secret

From D & G and Halston Heritage

From Tory Burch and Valentino

I am amazed at these stylish and elegant clothes that I forgot I have a plus size built. I am hoping I could fit into those and be able to wear one in chic sophistication despite my weight during my birthday.

Which inspiration should I choose?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Wayfarer Sunglasses

I have come to love sunglasses, to which I put all my blame to my husband. He always use sunglasses every time he is out. I tried one of his glasses and since then, I use one when I am out in the sun.

Sunglasses have become a popular fashion accessory nowadays, especially during summer. A lot of designs have already come out, varying in sizes, colors and materials. My husband wanted me to have an aviator sunglasses, given that I have a round face, but I am getting this fancy for a Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses ever since I watched the movie Twilight.

This wayfarer shades is fashionably stylish - - in its tortoise hue. If I am to wear them, I may not look as hot as Edward or Bella does, but I know I could make my own statement with it. It definitely will look good with anything, so there won't be any problem on mix and match. Ray Ban has already made a name as far as sunglasses are concerned and for that, I have the full trust to the brand.

What's your kind of sunglasses?

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